Cask Ownership FAQ

Where is my cask stored?

All casks are stored and managed by HAH Casks, Wines & Spirits maturing safely at the original distillery or a bonded warehouse in Scotland under our regulated WOWGR.

What about ownership?

All casks are held as a bailment. This means that the client (Bailor) passes possession but not ownership to the Bailee, HAH Casks, Wines & Spirits to hold and manage on the Bailors behalf until such a time that the Bailor (client and owner) releases further instructions.

What about costs?

Clients are responsible for storage and insurance this will be billed by HAH Casks, Wines & Spirits according to the individual facility at which the casks are held.

Can I see my Casks?

A majority of our clients casks are held at The Whisky Broker facility in Newton Stewart and for any casks lying there, viewing can be arranged whenever necessary. Other casks may be stored at working distilleries and visitations are not possible.

Can I sample my cask?

Samples can be ordered but there are associated costs and these vary according to each individual facility, if we are purchasing a cask from you for bottling, we will pay for the sample to be delivered to our offices in Borough Market, SE1, you may visit us to try it or simply wait for it to be bottled. With every bottling completed a small number of bottles will be given to the previous owner of the cask.