Cask Ownership

Whisky is one of the fastest growing asset classes currently and perfect for portfolios needing to be exposed to a more bullish market.

Over the last decade maturing casks of whisky have shown 7.1% per annum. Not only has the cost of production risen dramatically, but global desirability coupled with a surge in demand for luxury items including Scotch whisky, indicates sustained and powerful growth within our sector. Decreasing stocks of hard to acquire Scottish single malts in casks and bottles are driving prices higher and higher.

The privilege of owning your own casks of whisky is something that the majority of the general public will never experience. This is due to the limited supply and constant global demand.


We provide our clients and other private individuals the opportunity to purchase younger casks, for them to hold until the whisky is ready to be bottled.

Most assets are easy to buy, that’s why we have concentrated on the exit strategies that cover all your bases when you decide to leave the market.

The quality of our product is such that a high proportion could be bottled as a single cask. This would mean keeping the cask until mature enough to bottle and then sell.

HAH Casks, Wines & Spirits are perfectly placed to facilitate a sale to one of the many blenders, whisky clubs, other cask owners who may want it as part of their portfolio, speculators and independent bottlers, who we have close relationships with. We may also offer to buy back your cask to add to our company stocks.

Once purchased, your casks are yours to do what you want with and you are able to sell part or all of your cask portfolio at any time. This ensures that you can take advantage of any growth in a tax efficient way. Please though seek advice from a tax professional.


The value of casks is based on 4 key distinctions:

  • Is it a single malt?
  • The time it has spent in the cask
  • The quality and reputation of the distillery or producers
  • Type of cask used and number of times the cask has been filled (first fill being most valuable)


  • There are around 20 million casks currently. Only 15%are older than 5 years.
  • Some premium single malts are distilled in sherry casks accounting for just 3% of overall production.
  • Only 8% of Scotch whisky is single malt.


The close industry relationships developed by HAH Casks, Wines & Spirits ensure we are well placed to provide you with an entry into this exciting market.

If you would like a cask, and if you are serious, call us now on
020 7199 8389.