Stateside – 2011 George Dickel Whiskey – Cask 38 – 70cl


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Age: 8 years
Distilled At: George Dickel
Cask Type: American Oak
Cask Number: 38
Bottle Size: 70cl
Bottles Produced: 251
Date Distilled: 24/10/2011
Date Bottled: 18/08/2020
Vol: 51.0%

Think Route 66. Think crazy road trips in the desert, think surfing awesome waves on the West coast. Think bald eagles, Stars and Stripes, the land of the free, where anyone can be anything and everyone is who they want to be. We throw you into the melting pot with our incredible expressions of Tennessee Bourbon and American Whiskey.

Tasting Notes

This one’s a doozy. A vanilla float with pecan pie, a smokey diner and a caramel shard, sweet perfume and gasoline, whilst the world passes by on the boulevard. A true taste of America. No Experience Necessary.


In Cascade Hollow in Tennessee you will find The George Dickel Distillery, where they produce their Tennessee whiskey. Once the whiskey is chilled it then undergoes the charcoal-mellow filtration known as the Lincoln County Process. This extra step smooths out the flavour and George Dickel are the only Tennessee distillery to do it.

Cask Type

American oak is very dense and contains a lot of monogalloyl glucose, which gives the whiskey a mellow, smooth vanilla flavour profile. The toasting and charring of the casks converts the wood sugars into vanilla and caramel flavours of the whiskey.

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