Bespoke Whisky

Bottle & brand your own unique whisky


Heroes & Heretics provide a bespoke bottling service to our hospitality and corporate clients, giving them control over every aspect of the bottling process, from choosing the right fine and rare cask to label and packaging design.

Step 1 – Whisky Selection

You will be guided as you explore the various tastes and history of our extensive selection of casks covering a wide range of vintages, barrel types and distilleries. We will help you chose the right cask which best represents your brand personality.

Step 2 – Bottle & Package Design

Our team will help in every aspect of the production and packaging. You will have a choice of a wide range of bottles, stoppers and packaging options and our design team will create unique label options inline with your brand.

Step 3 – Production

Once you have selected your cask and finalised the the bottle, label and packaging, your cask is sent to our production facility and bottled to meet your design specifications. Your whisky can be bottled at cask strength, or diluted to a lower alcohol strength based on your requirement.

Step 4 – Delivery

Before shipment all bottles are inspected and quality controlled. Our team works with our clients to arrange any warehousing or shipping of their whisky.

To find out more about the whisky we have available and how the process works, contact us today.

These are some of the casks available for bespoke bottling:

Blair Athol 1998 – Hogshead
Glenrothes 2008 – Sherry Hogshead
Speyside 1992 – Bourbon
Barrel Orkney (Highland Park) 2008 – Sherry Hogshead

Interested in bottling one of these casks? Contact us today on +44 (0) 20 3371 8188