Whisky: Is it Worth it? – Ask Better Questions

Ask better questions and you will get better answers. So, what are the critical question you need to ask about…

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Guide to Rum: No Experience Necessary

For many people, there is little understanding of the oft-overlooked spirit rum. For many, it is first drunk on holiday…

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Millennials and Whisky: No Experience Necessary

My daughter (according to the definition given below) is a millennial. So, I thought it appropriate to ask her and…

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Young Americans: No Experience Necessary

We live for just these twenty years / Do we have to die for the fifty more? /All night / He wants to be the young American” – David Bowie.

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Buck a Shuck: No Experience Necessary

The thing is that human beings have always been mythmakers; we are meaning-seeking creatures. Myths like the Loch Ness Monster…

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Whisky Love Affairs – No Experience Necessary

I am beginning a new love affair* with new whiskies from all around the world. I have already given my…

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