Buck a Shuck: No Experience Necessary

The thing is that human beings have always been mythmakers; we are meaning-seeking creatures. Myths like the Loch Ness Monster…

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Whisky Love Affairs – No Experience Necessary

I am beginning a new love affair* with new whiskies from all around the world. I have already given my…

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Irish Whiskey: No Experience Necessary

There is a problem with drinking different whiskies (whiskeys) from around the world. I tend to get carried away and…

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I Love Big Butts: No Experience Necessary

If you are of a certain age you will remember a certain episode of Friends. “The One With Ross’ Inappropriate…

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Bramble 2.0 – No Experience Necessary

Sometimes you just need to be lucky (I should be so lucky, Lucky, lucky, lucky, I should be so lucky…

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2020 Vision (Trends in Spirits): No Experience Necessary

The new decade and sense of what 2020 will bring is everywhere. People are still singing the praises for pioneers…

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