The Three Best Places to Grab a Drink in Edinburgh

Spring gives way to summer, and with the flora and fauna Britain’s hospitality industry also begins to take stride, seeming…

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Whisky or Whiskey? A Tale of Two Names

It was with much murmuring that my first article for Heroes and Heretics was received. My first assumption was that…

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What to look for when buying whisky

It occurred to me not too long ago that I knew almost nothing about whisky. By that I mean I…

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The Wedding Present: An Anecdote on Whisky

The following story is based upon a apocryphal tale that has been told countless times at gatherings around the world….

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The Four Best Places to Drink Whisky in London – No One Cask

We are fortunate that our capital city is not simply some purpose built shell for the bureaucratic machinations of the…

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Whisky Cocktails For the Summer Ahead – From No One Cask

This was inevitable. We hid inside for a year and now we are experiencing the return of the sort of…

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