Hard Seltzers: A Whisky Drink for People Who Don’t Drink Whisky

As anyone who has had the misfortune to read my other articles will know my affair with whisky is a complicated one. I am only now beginning to appreciate it as a drink on its own, no great surprise as it took me somewhere in the region of three years before I could enjoy drinking beer. 

A previous article on micro cocktails may have encouraged some of you to try these as a gateway drink into the world of whisky, but I imagine for others the prospect of actually making your own drinks, let alone buying all of the ingredients and following a recipe, was a seemingly sisyphean task that was left well alone. Enter The Whiskey Roller, a low calorie hard seltzer based on carbonated water.

Based on an American whiskey, the hard seltzer has several advantages. It is a low calorie drink, a smidge or so below one hundred calories, and at 4% ABV it is effectively a similar strength to many beers and can therefore be easily enjoyed in moderation. The base of carbonated water is infused with natural flavourings, including hibiscus, nutmeg and bay leaf, all nicely complimenting the whiskey base that stamps its mark throughout this drink.

Importantly, it is also provided in a can. From opening the fridge and being able to immediately take out a ready to drink concoction to bringing a few to your next barbeque or picnic in the park, it will often be a better alternative to bringing an entire bottle of whisky along with mixers, glass and garnish.

To be enjoyed by anyone, this would make a wonderful gift for a partner who you’ve been dying to introduce to whiskey or that family member who may think they know it all and will be pleasantly surprised by a hard seltzer.

Whoever it is for and whatever the occasion everyone will appreciate this low calorie alternative to a bottle of the good stuff.


By William Prior