How to Drink Whisky

Whisky spends its life ageing in huge wooden casks. And then, when it touches your taste buds, you feel you’re drinking a heavenly drink.

You can sit with your friends and enjoy the magical experience of drinking whisky. Or you can even go to a bar or pub and make new friends while sipping your whisky. This spirit will light your spirit the moment you drink it. 

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Do You Know Drinking Whisky Can be Healthy?

Yes, whisky can benefit your health since grains such as corn, barley, rye, and wheat are primarily used in whisky production. Therefore, whisky can surprisingly be beneficial to your health in ways such as stress reduction, weight loss, diabetes control, and healthy cholesterol, which lowers your risk of having heart diseases.


So how should we drink whisky? We’ll teach you how, stay with us.


How to Drink Whisky 

It’s all about exploring how you enjoy drinking whisky. There is no set rule for it. Every whisky lover has their own way of drinking it. 

It might take time to find your preferred way of drinking it. Just remember, it’s your personal journey of finding pleasure. There is nothing right or wrong. 

However, we will tell you some of the traditional ways of drinking whisky.


1. Try Neat

You should try drinking whisky neat or straight. This way, your taste buds will get whisky’s authentic taste. This will make you feel its delicious flavour and complex aroma, and you will also learn more about its quality when it’s not mixed.

Neat whisky is usually served at room temperature. The whisky goes straight from the bottle into the glass without any additions, and there you have your drink. 

Make sure you don’t consume all in one gulp. Instead, pour it into the glass and swirl it around, then take a look at its colour; this tells you what to expect flavour-wise.

To sniff its aroma, breathe in with your mouth from the brim of the glass, then breathe out through the nose; this is a heavenly experience. 

Proceed to close your eyes and take a small sip; swirl it in your mouth and then swallow. Sweet!


2.Try with Water 

Neat whisky can be hard due to its high alcohol content. 

Adding a little water to whisky enhances its flavour. And the spirit will become smoother. 

The best way to mix water in whisky is to add a couple of drops, swirl the spirit and taste it. Repeat the process until you find the right flavour.


3.Try with Ice

Ice can be an option. Though the name whisky “on the rocks” sounds fascinating, ice numbs the tongue. It will affect your taste buds.

If you want chilled whisky without any change in flavour, add chilled whisky stones or use big ice cubes since they melt slower, perfectly chilling your drink without diluting it. 


4.Try Mixing

In various parts of the world, it is common to have whisky cocktails or mix whisky with a different drink like soda to create the perfect drink.

Here are some of the drinks commonly mixed with whisky:

  • Ginger beer 
  • Coca-Cola
  • Vermouth
  • Soda water 
  • Citrus
  • Amaro


In the end, you drink whisky for enjoyment. So, drink it the way you best like it. 

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